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Sanitize, Save Your Sanity

Posted May 20th, 2015 in Pool Maintenance

In today’s market of swimming pool sanitizers there are umpteen different chemical products, non-chemical generators and the traditional methods available to the pool owners.

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Hot Tub Health

Posted Dec 1st, 2011 in Hot Tubs

We have all heard the stories of healing waters and their medical benefits, along with miraculous healing properties throughout the centuries.

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Pool Anatomy 101

Posted Nov 1st, 2011 in Pool Maintenance

Everyone knows how to treat the water, whether it is regular water tests or shocking it weekly, but sometimes we overlook the other factors of owning a pool, like the maintaining of the equipment.

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Pool Closing Blues

Posted Oct 1st, 2011 in Pool closing

Yes, once again the neighbour’s tree is leaving leaves of beautiful autumn colours, inside your once pristine pool, causing that vein in your temple to pulsate with malcontent.

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