Serenity Collection

Serenity Series Hot Tubs

Look no further than the Serenity Collection if you want elegant styling and exceptional performance.

Each one includes a unique massage experience, spacious interiors, and a range of models that fit anywhere from four to seven adults. Plus, they’re all backed by the legendary Hydropool quality, Weather Seal Insulation, and innovative water care options. The Pure Water System helps you spend less time caring for your spa and more time enjoying it. The Serenity collection features sleek lines, stunning cabinets, and high flow filtration, making it a great spa for anyone. Each Serenity model comes in one easy-to-understand configuration with limited options and upgrades, making it easy for you to enjoy simplicity at its best. The Collection comes in 3 different sizes that will fit any situation. It features premium lighting and exterior Moonlights, 2 Aqua Blade Waterfalls, premium design maintenance-free cabinetry, and the weather seal insulation system.

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See for yourself why Hydropool’s Serenity Series Hot Tubs are worth the upgrade

Serenity Collection

Serenity 4300

4 Person

Serenity 4500

4 Person

Serenity 5900

5 Person

Serenity 6600

6 Person

Serenity 6800

6 Person

Serenity 6900

6 Person

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Serenity Series Features

  1. POLYMER INSULATED FLOOR: Designed to keep the warmth in and everything else out. The insulated floor locks in the ambient heat from the pumps.
  2. UNIBODY FRAME: The strongest frame available. Specifically engineered to hold the weight of the water while adjusting to the heating and cooling that comes with summers and winters.
  3. EDGEWATER SHELL: Built like the hull of a boat that is completely waterproof. The polyester and vinyl ester resin are combined with fiber-glass to add strength creating the strongest shell in the industry.
  4. THE WEATHER SEAL INSULATION SYSTEM: Our innovative HydroWise Thermal Shield Energy Efficient Insulation and superior WeatherSeal Cabinetry work in combination with our HydroWise Hard Cover to keep the heat in and the cold out. Combine this with the fact that our hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy-efficient in the world, providing 100ºF / 37ºC  …for just pennies a day.
    1. POLY FILM BARRIER: Supports plumbing and weight of water, minimizes vibration.
    2. HYDROWISE THERMAL BLANKETS: Wrap the plumbing and floor, reflecting radiant heat back into the hot tub, creating the first thermal barrier.
    3. 2LB CLOSED CELL FOAM: Seals the lip of the tub to prevent heat loss; insulates floor of the hot tub.
    4. weather seal CABINET: Locks in the waste heat given off by pumps and heater by reflecting radiant heat inside the cabinetry of the hot tub. The Cabinet Panels can be easily removed for access on all sides of the hot tub.
  5. HYBRID HEAT ADVANTAGE: The combination of insulation materials allows our WeatherSeal Insulation System to capture the radiant heat from the plumbing and equipment, significantly reducing energy consumption.

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