Pool Opening

Pool Opening

Start your summer with a splash!

Check opening the pool off your spring cleaning list! The experts at MP Paradise Pools & Spas are here to open your pool and get well on your way to enjoying those warm sunny weather. No matter the type of pool we work to accommodate your pool and backyard needs. Whether you have a safety cover, lock-in cover, or water bag cover our professional service team will save you time and ensure that your pool is ready to go for the season.

If you have an opening date in mind, let us know! We can’t always accommodate each request but we will work to find a date that fits with your schedule.

Fill out the form below or call 905-734-9393 to book your pool opening today!

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Spring Checklist

What To Do After Pool Opening
  • Day Of Pool Opening: Store winter cover and accessories
  • 1-2 Days After: Clean debris off bottom and thoroughly brush pool if still dirty. Pool may have algae growth from the winter.Treat with chlorine and do not vacuum. 
  • 3-4 Days After: If the water is still dirty add additional chlorine – See in-store for chlorine amounts and clear water procedure guides.
  • 1 Week After: Get water tested and balance water. Enjoy!

For best results, bring your water in to be tested once a month.

Never Looked Better!

Thinking about replacing your liner? Now is the time!

Let the water colour reflect your personal style with a new in ground liner.

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