Water Testing

Keep your water sparkling blue all summer with monthly water tests. Regular tests help keep the water chemically balanced and safe for your family and friends to swim. We offer water testing at all of our store locations.

Have an issue with green or cloudy water? The fastest way to treat a pool or hot tub is by starting with a water test. Bring in your water sample and let our experts run numerous tests to ensure your pool or hot tub water is chemically balanced and safe to swim. We make personalized recommendations for your water and offer solutions to any problem that arise.

Want to test your water more than once a month? We offer a variety of test strips and test drop kits that make testing your water at home a breeze. 

Visit us in store for a complimentary water sample bottle. Relax, knowing that your backyard paradise is in good hands.

Pool Water Testing

Knowing the volume of water in your pool is key in maintaining clear water. In order for our experts to test your water we require the volume in order to accurately make recommendations. 

If you know the size of your pool, see the chart below for the volume in both litres and gallons. 

Above Ground

Size Of PoolVolume (Litres)Volume (Gallons)
12′ Round11,0003,000
15′ Round22,0006,000
18′ Round31,0008,000
21′ Round40,00010,000
24′ Round54,00014,000
27′ Round72,00019,000
12′ X 24′ Oval45,00012,000
15′ X 30′ Oval54,00014,000
18′ X 33′ Oval60,00016,000


Size Of PoolVolume (Litres)Volume (Gallons)
12′ X 24′50,00013,000
14′ X 28′63,00017,000
16′ X 32′82,00021,000
18′ X 36′100,00026,000
20′ X 40′130,00034,000
24′ X 44′160,00043,000
30′ X 50′220,00060,000

*Pool volume varies depending on depth. Please see in-store for help determining accurate size of pool.

Hot Tub Water Testing

Finding the size of your hot tub is easier than you think. There are two ways to go about it: Fill Time and Dimensional.

Fill Time

Calculating by fill time is the easiest and most accurate way to measure the volume of water. Start by timing how long it takes to fill the tub and convert the minutes to seconds. Then fill up a one litre or one gallon bucket and time it as well. Divide the number of seconds it took to fill up your hot tub by the seconds it took to fill the bucket, the result is the volume of water.

For example: Hot tub filled in 30 minutes (1800 seconds) and filled the one litre bucket in 2 seconds. 1800 divided by 2 = 900 Litres.


To calculate the volume you will need to know the length, width, and depth of your tub. Input those numbers into the formula below to determine the litres or gallons.

Size Of Hot TubPeopleVolume (Litres)Volume (Gallons)
66″ X 66″ X 40″2-4 People796 212
72″ X 72″ X 40″3-5 People948252
83″ X 83″ X 40″4-6 People1260335
92″ X 92″ X 40″6-8 People1550412
144″ X 96″ X 52″Swim Spa3286874

* Hot tubs may have design features built in that change the volume of water. Contact manufacturer for accurate volume.