Signature Collection

Signature Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

The Signature Self-Cleaning Collection

This highly rated collection provides you with a wide variety of options and packages to help you build the Hot Tub of your dreams. Our exclusive patented Self-clean technology filters 100% of the water in only 15 minutes. This feature makes what we believe to be the world’s easiest Hot Tub to maintain. This Collection comes standard with Led Lights, Everlast maintenance-free cabinetry, and our Thermal Shield insulation system for Superior energy efficiency. It offers our Pure water system, treating 99.9% of waterborne pathogens, and reducing chemical dependency by more than 50% to ensure your water is clean, safe, and treated every time you step in for a relaxing massage.

We offer gold, and platinum options in the signature Self-Clean Collection.

Each model comes with our energy-efficient, self-clean circulation pump plus 1 Jet pump in the Gold models, 2 Jet pumps in the Platinum Models, and 3 jet pumps in the Titanium model.

Relaxation Starts Here

The Signature Self-Cleaning Collection provides you with the ultimate luxury, matched with complete customization.

Signature Self-Cleaning Collection

379 Gold

3 Person

455 Gold

4 Person

455 Platinum

4 Person

579 Gold

5 Person

579 Platinum

5 Person

655 Gold

6 Person

655 Platinum

6 Person

679 Gold

6 Person

679 Platinum

6 Person

728 Platinum

7 Person

779 Platinum

7 Person

799 Platinum

7 Person

Powered By Self Cleaning Technology

We know that one of the biggest challenges for our customers is the time they need to set aside for maintenance. Now, with our patented Self-Cleaning† technology, Hydropool hot tubs clean more so you clean less. The Self-Cleaning System cleans 100% of the water in only 10 minutes. That’s an incredible twelve times in two hours! 

It’s an intricate and innovative cleaning system using multiple technologies to clean the water. 

Oasis Package Upgrade

Hydropool’s Oasis Package features two Premium HydroFall Pillows, with adjustable “Waterfall Jets” that help release the body’s natural endorphins to relieve stress, headaches and pain. The package also includes the added convenience and reliability of Hydropool’s Premium LED Lighting featuring bright LED lights.

Signature Self-Cleaning Gallery

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